Things that has more bacteria than a toilet sit

Most of us might think that the most dirtiest thing in the world might be the toilet sit. But if you take the number of bacteria per square centimeter as one measure of scaling the cleanliness  of everyday stuff, you might be shocked to see what every day object that most of us use everyday, The following is a gallery of thing that are even dirtier than the thing that most of us previously thought might be the culprit.

1- Tablets


2- Keyboards

3- Washing Machine

4- Towells

5- Tooth Brush
6 -Fosset
7- hand Bags
8- Elevator Keys
9- Cutting Board
10- Cleaning Foam
11- ATM machine
12- driving wheel
13- the light keys

Here is one of the ways that you can protect your health by correctly washing your hands:

Washing your hand correctly

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