Meet The English Woman Who Biked half of Iran

Recently there have been a report about an English adventurer lady who bike almost half trough of Iran (from the Mazandaran mountains on the north to the Big Salt desert). Although the driving is still a problem for Saudi Arabia, and despite very conservative attitude towards ladies in most of the countries neighboring Iran, There is stable and culturally colorful country of Iran, which is a tourism’s heaven if one pass the prejudices against her.  The recent case of Luis Beris, an English cyclist who bravely went against the narrative and bike through the heart of Iran, prove that there is a great tourism potential that those who are enchanted with the rich and colorful culture of Iran can enjoy.

1If the down to earth and prone to hospitality people of Iran, beautiful scenery, historical sites (some with seven thousand years history) and delicious food isn’t enough; maybe the insanely low prices of food and gas might become a good motivation for you to visit Iran. Among two of the most visited cities of Iran are the Cities of Shiraz and Isfahan with amazing and unique tourism attraction. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense when the first trip of Mis Beris was these two cities; specially if you take into account the amazing road to those two cities that you can enjoy a lot if you are riding a bike.

At the below you can find couple of pictures realted to Mis Beris’s latest trip across Iran:

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