Girl accidentally films the scene a cab driver allegedly stole her friends iPhone

I the video that has been published and posted on youtube, a girl who is reported to be in some town in Canada, probably Toronto area, has recorded a scene that is being alleged is the scene the taxi driver hide her friends iPhone which she has left on the car sit.
There are all sort of people in society, one should pay more attention to ones belonging. Maybe next time take a Uber or lift car instead of old fashion taxi so that the following up and finding the driver in case some illegal activity happened becomes easier.
Besides having this video on the youtueb, the other thing that can do is to find a good lawyer or law firm who is good in personal damage or other types of letigation an pursue this case in the curt of law.

under the video she has wrote in the description the following:

On Saturday night I took a cab home with a friend. As she is exiting the cab I click onto my app Snapchat and filmed her exit thinking it was funny…little to know I recorded him stealing her cell phone as her back was turned to him as she was getting out of the car. Watch the beginning of the film and see how he doesn’t think twice and finally waves to the camera.

She later on reported that the taxi driver has been found and been charged.


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