Be familiar with the best underwater hotels in the world

In many of tourist submarines , have built and prepared suits which are classified in many ways . In creating thee places , have been tried to make an exclusive environmental place or a location of privacy and cozy . In this article we have tried to introduce the best man made locations . 1-Jules’ Undersea Lodge , Florida : The submarine , named Jules is located in Key Largo in Florida . This place is like a secret indoor location . In this

submarine , The guests must be dressed by driving suits and go to a depth of 21 feet from sea level .There are some rooms in it . Each room has a large window that shows the interior space of the sea .
When this submarine is submerged in the ” Mangrove” pond , it fits into a see cliff and maintain aquatic animals in a natural area . 2- Poseidon Resorts , Fiji: When this submarine is located in small island of North Male At , you can see the first submarine equipped with massage therapy , The rooms have both the designing of traditional and modern in them . This submarine which is known as ”the god of seas ” , has almost 225 acres and about 1 mile long and is surrounded by 5000 acres of wet lands areas . 3- Atlantis , The palm Island in Dubai : This place is including bedrooms and bathrooms with windows which are from floor to ceiling within Ambassador lagoon which fascinated all of the viewers .

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