A woman who changed her face and would be as her daughter’s twin by surgery

Nowadays,The most elusive problems and wishes which considered as aspirations in the past and were as the parts of dreams of mankind, are easily be implemented by the progress of all of the sciences,especially medical sciences.These days,Many problems of aging,cosmetic surgeries, and many other important operations of face and body according to disguises,have been carried out by the science of plastic surgery

Rich people change their faces similar to celebrities, and barbies by applying these operations. A 50 year-old English woman has spent thousands pounds for doing plastic surgery to make herself similar to her 28 years old daughter.The pictures which have published from Janet and her daughter Jane shows
so similarities such as weight, hair colour and the face and may have found differences in eyes colour and height. This mother says;I and my daughter are alike twin sisters. Jane says;I’m so happy about my mother’s new face.We have been so closer than ever.I think my mother is more beautiful and younger than Madonna.

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