7 strange truth about marriage ceremony of celebrities

The celebrities , especially the hollywood   celebrities are so famous and the focus of attention of individual and general because of their style of life and expensive and prodigal and aristocratic life of them . They show this character in their marriage ceremony too . And they would be the headlines of the media . We explain briefly in the following paragraph about 7 of them . 1- Beyonce’s value  is too high

for her husband that her husband has given her a marriage’s ring with the value of 5 million dollars .2- The value of each of wedding card that famous Australian singer and actress ” Holly Valance” and her husband Nick Kennedy sent to guests was about 300 Euro. 3-April Levin the singer of rock music dressed an expensive black clothes with the red theme and stunned all of the fans . 4- The list of wedding guests of Nichole Richie The American  actress was not limited to her family and friends , but also he had considered her domestic elephant too , and surprised all of the guests . 5- Although Mariah Carey the American singer , Composer , Actress , and Tommy Muttola , We can’t simply forget the 50 girls who carried the basket flowers in the wedding party . 6-Kate Moss the famous English model ordered to attach 40 expensive and precious stones on her marriage clothes . 7- What do you think about how long time have been passed sewing the bridal clothes of celebrities in the world ? This record belongs to Celine Dion the American singer . A professional group spent 1000 hours on her bridal clothes according to her taste . We can introduce the other famous  people who had Creative wedding dresses .


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