English woman gets convicted for having two years relationship with her best friend as a man

This one is probably one of the most strangest news and convictions of all this year. The lady in the pictures have been convicted for r^pe as she has used blind fold and strap^on on her best friend. Apparently, she has convinced her best friend via facebook messages that she is a man who have been in a bad car accident and have burned her body (his body as she falsely put herself) and used toys on her friend.

Her friend has said that she does not have any prejudges against homosexuals but this is not how she prefer to have her intimacy and claimed that she had been tricked into the intimacy. This bizarre news make it a new presidence in the legal procedure of at least couple of serious crimes and make an interesting subject for study in law schools as a historic case and even brought a big legal challenge to the judiciary system of Britain, the judges and lawyers.

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