The future of Robot human romance

The dimorphism of men and woman have been the central point of society that has shaped the human’s life for millions of years. Reproduction rights and ability have been always dominated by the female gender and have been the most important card for bargaining in between gender relations.

If there was a group of people who didn’t take care of their female and their young, their future would have been much more bleaker than those who saved their women and children. Because each women can make couple of more new member of that tribe to reproduce but a man only can reproduce if he has female with him. Therefore, a tribe with 10 women and 1 man can expand to 100 but a tribe with 1 woman and 10 men can only go even down to maybe 2 or 3 (depending to the number of kids that woman can provide).
But all of these is about to change. By introducing machine poultry of human, the crucial rule of woman, will be no more needed and a man can literary make 1 billion new human each day.

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