The beauty and attraction of a 60 years old female model

Sometimes we see some people who have remained so succulent and lush while they are in aging period of life . On the other hand , we know the female models can be active and successful to the age of 30 . But a lady with 60 years old who is named Yasmina Rossi , has broken the rules of the world of fashion and modelling . Despite of her age , she is one of the most popular models in the world , and works simultaneously with

several international brands because she has a special beauty and charm . The authenticity of Yasmina is French . The start point of her in the field of modelling is not so prevalent because she started this job in late of twenties , and this is an age that some of the professional models has retired themselves When she took part in a promotional video in 45 years old she reached the pinnacle of success and managed to reach a very good position . She said in an interview about her beauty in this age ” All of the work that I do is using organic and natural foods . ” She said ” I rub my skin by natural oils and rub my hair by rapeseed oil turnip .And I would scrub my body  with olive oil and sugar once per week .” Also I would eat a number of avocado and I use the organic meat and fish . Yasmina also said that you should not be indulged in exercising and avoid using drugs as much as possible instead of it’s better to be with nature this rule applies to everything . The remarkable point in the Yasmina’s photos is that she proudly appears with lines and wrinkles and they caused more beauty for her and this is beyond the world of fashion’s opinion which wants everything to be perfect . Yasmina is the grandmother of two grandchildren She believes that she is more happy and satisfied currently than when she was 20 years old .

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