These three sisters had shocked the doctors by their strange action

The world is full of events that cause to everyone be shocked and surprised . Not only some of these events causes surprising and exciting the people but also Sometimes make the people laughing and sometimes hurt people . One day may be a collection of pleasant events occures and on the other hand another day may occure unlucky , and displeasent of them In a rare occurrence , Three Irish sisters gave birth to children in one day in different hours , in the city of Mayo which is located in north of Ireland and the fourth sister is expected to give birth in future two days .

These three sisters who are named ”Mered” ”Jolene” and ”Bernie” from village of Clanfield gave birth to babies respectively at 3.25 morning ,11 after morning and about  of night .While This interesting event was laying down that Doctors have predicted delivery of babies for three different days .

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