Opie and Anthony Show and What should they do

ctvyibuoUnfortunately, couple p months ago a very entertaining radio program got totally broken up and millions of truck drivers all over US and Canada and tons of internet junkies allover the world lost a couple of hours of listening to a good thing and shutting the outside world.

The co-host Anthony Cumia got cut via email. Now the show doesn’t work at all and the state of that station is totally shaky. Opie hasn’t fixed the show yet. I’m not sure if he didn’t do it or couldn’t do it. Cause I heard him say:”trust me I’m doing me best to show that after 25 years of radio, I can do a show alone”… It hasn’t work yet.

The only thing that I can see he has done was to let the others try their chances. Erock is doing a boring show and so on. There were a couple of minutes of chemistry between Opie and a southern gentleman, but it has to be continued to see how deep that dude can stand. Most people burn trough their banters in the first week.

For Anthony he is doing to do better than tin knocking now. His site’s first page had a bad design (regarding the logistics). Science the beginning, they had came a long way…. and he has done a magnificant job of creating his online show. I don’t think that he can make something more than this by himself (cause he has finnished his energy on building his own show).

Hopfuly Opie will get fired too and we will see a multi billion dollar “Live From The Compound” company

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