Meet the British doppelganger of Angelina

There are probably a few people who don’t know Angelina Julie the famous Hollywood actress and the other half of Hollywood super couple bradangelina. Her plump lips and defined chin is magnificent and legendary. Know add that charm to the beautiful Scottish accent and youth of Mrs. Marr. She is Angelina Julie’s prude look a like (which anybody should be proud of that too) and isn’t shy to show that similarity with recreating the same poses and choice of clothing to bring up her inner beauty. There are a lot of people who claim to be a celebrity look a like but so far this lady has bitten them in any mesure, I mean there is no competition.

Know she should purchase some insurance policies for her look and start doing advertisement campaigns. Like create an instagram page and gather followers and promote products on her instagram page. There is no doubt that she should see a very good lawyer to hash out any treat of future sue from the famous cinema star but if she does this inside the United State, she probably would be protected based on free spech amendment of the law. Even if she name herself Angelina Julie. Like Christina Ronaldo who piggy banked a carrier on the already famous name of Ronaldo and Ronaldiniho.

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