The strangest and unexpected ways for matchmaking

When we speak about marriage , men have the most difficult task . They must come forward and propose their demand to beloved daughter . But there are some men who do this action in a strange way to make these time more memorable and sweeter , In the following article we say about these strange ways . 1-Romantic matchmaking of presenter man during live performances of news . Mark Rivera , The executer of live news , convinced her girlfriend to participate in the live program as the representative of Journalists . He told the audience at the start of Program . ” I would like to ask a question from her that I haven’t ask anybody  .

Then sat on the knee  in front of his girlfriend and asked I really want to know whether you marry me ? Miss Greener , his girlfriend seemed so excited and immediately answered positive response . This live program had more than 16 thousands visitors in youtube  . 2- The strange and unexpected matchmaking before baseball competition during a baseball game , After the singing the national anthem , the singer unexpectedly offered to marriage with his belonged daughter on the stadium speaker . His girlfriend immediately response positive . 3- The most spicy matchmaking in the world : A young employee  , made a big heart shape with 99999 pepper and stand in middle of them and proposed of his girlfriend , In China . 4- Matchmaking by using paper money :  Chinese programmer , He recently chose a strange way for matchmaking . He made 99 Rose flower by using paper money in them and send for girlfriend’s parents . They accepted him for marriage .

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