The strange and rare disease of this young girl prevents her to get married for ever.

In this century, despite of recent advances in medical sciences and appearances excellent discoveries in all fields of sciences, and solving many puzzles and mysteries which seem impossible to solve them, also significant development of medical equipment and improving the ways and method to prevent certain diseases and incurable. But due to all of these improvements in all fields, we see that many viruses and diseases have been changed and complexed. The new diseases have been appeared such as “Parkinson” , ” Alzheimer” , “Aids” , and etc.

It might be hard to believe but this young and beautiful girl may be forced to be single for ever.If something or someone touches or contacts her, it causes to become inflamed and itchy and her skin would be swollen red. Miss Priscilla takes a lot of suffering from this disease and her life is completely impressed and disrupted.

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