The most handsome math teacher in the world

We know that by the strengthening the media and development of the internet in the world, all of the especial events even in the most remote regions, reach to all people in the world.On the other hand, we know that as the urban populations have risen significantly, and with the passage of time, the modern industrial societies have been changed essentially, ancient traditions have been weaken or changed and new habits have been formed instead of them and these new habits fits to new generations.

Usually we see different referendums which are held on in various issues, such as the selection of most beautiful actresses and actors, the strongest man or woman among the athletic societies, the best football, basketball teams in the world and so on.
In recent days, a 26 years math teacher who taught in Department of Mechanical Engineering University of London, is selected as the most good-looking and handsome math teacher in London.This Italian teacher ( Pietro Boselli) was selected as a model by the introduction of Giorgio Armani, the most famous designer in the world and he won the first rank, when he was just 6 years old in the tournament fashion of Europe.

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