Unbelievable beauty of Enrique’ s mother

Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler is the most popular and famous Spanish-American singer, dancer, actor, and songwriter in the world.He is allocated as the title of best- selling of Latin artists
in history with a total around of 140 millions of albums and songs since now.Also he is known as the king of Pop and Dance Music.150 numbers of his songs has been Known as the number one in the Billboard charts in the kidney.
He has had 5 Billboard hot 100 top 5 singles, including two number- ones and holds the record for producing 26- number- one Spanish- language singles on the Billboard’ s hot latin tracks.

He also holds the record for most most number- one hits and the longest running number- one hit on that chart.He also has 13 number- ones on Billboard’ s dance charts, more than any male artists, and also the best selling latin artist in the UK and the best selling international artist in Indian.
Isabel Preysler is Enrique’ s 64 years old mother.she is journalist and TV presenter, She was born in Manila- Pilipinas and has played a large role in successes of Enrique. The remarkable point in the appearance of her, is young face and beauty in this age.She is along with Enrique in so many circles, but less people believe that she is Enrique’ s mother.

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