Surprising the world’s people from visiting the closest living Barbie

Some of rich girls are ready to do any surgery to be more beautiful and absorb the attention of other people . Barbie doll is known as a model of beauty and some girls wish to be similar to barbies . This doll is known as a pattern of infinite beauty . Angelika Kenova , A russian 26 years old is known as the most similar girl to barbie in the world , Who has tried to make herself look like a barbie by doing several cosmetic surgeries . Before Angelika , A girl who named valeria lukyanova won the closest face to barbie from Russia .

It should be noted that the kind of gesture and professional photos which have taken of her , Cause to be more like to Barbie . Although , achieving the first place of prettiest like Barbie can satisfy the fame-seeking in short-term , But performing different cosmetic surgeries on different parts of body , Creates many problems and losses .

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