The most beautiful , obesity American Model

The most stylish and fitness body usually refers to skinny and thin girls . There are usually suitable and tights wearing for these group of girls which multiply the beauty of them . On the contrary , unwieldy   and limb obesity is synonymous with ugly the doesn’t interest no one . Recently , 29 years old girl , Published some photos as modelling and could absorb a lot of fans for herself . She has changed the opinion of a lot of people about

obesity girls . She has unbelievable organ with the weight of 140 kg and the size of 22. She knows herself as the most beautiful girl and try to prove all that obesity girls have the own especial beauty . ”Tess Holliday” with extraordinary self-confidence has been able to prove to the all that being beautiful and stylish is not just related to thin persons but the obesity persons can be beautiful and handsome too . She says that the ladies who are obesity mustn’t be unhappy and depressed for this reason . And they mustn’t lose their confidence for continuing the life .

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