An image which had more than 3 million Fans

We live in a world which the words such as compassion ,dedication , and kindness have been so popular so pale an unclear . The families gradually have been so incurred and surrounded by economic problems that they have to work in several shifts and more hours , in order to provide life support , and supply expenses . In this case , automatically , the friendly family relation have been weaken . Recently , a picture has been published in cyberspace that strongly has influenced the feelings of users . This picture is a story of  father who fully supported his young son , devotedly in heavy rain , So that he has hold the umbrella over the body of his son but himself is completely wet .
An image which had more than 3 million Fans
This picture which was taken in Vancouver , has been entitled as ”Fathers in the weblogs , was shared by users and people , It was the most popular posts recent days . This image had more than 3 million Fans .

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