Nicole Arbour, the funny, good looking person who talks the truth

You have probably have heard of recent surge in PC phenomena that have totally swept the Internet. After gamers, big movies, publishing industries (like books and magazines) that have knelt in front of the recent buck stops at the door step of the comedians and famous youtubers. It is probably would be a good thinking if you as a self employed businessman, might need a good insurance policy against a new litigation which is the PC litigation.

Gallery of Nicole Arbour:

And definately get a good lawyer to defend you in any civil case of some person being offended and in some countries even criminal litigation. Thankfully united state still have its first amendment (freedom of speech) which make it much harder for the social bullies to shut down the voice of reason. As an example the following video is one fashionable woman’s view about the obesity problem watch it in here.

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