Kate Middleton’s nose the new trend in plastic surgery among the English Ladies

You may have heard that people will do anything to look like the celebrities they like; well if that celebrity is also a part of royal family, this trend would even double. In case of Kate Middleton, most of her clothing, choice of hat and even her wedding ring has been copied by her fans. But maybe the most bizarre thing that has been modeled after Kate is her nose.

1Kate Middleton’s nose, the English Princess, has become a go to model for those who want to do a plastic surgery on their nose.  A surveys by Rhinoplasty in English shows the most of English girls have a particular interest in Kate Middleton’s nose.  According to these researches , the most of girls or women , going to the doctor for performing surgery on the nose. are seeking a noses, similar to the princess’s. The survey also shows , Nicole Scherzinger’s lips (singers of Pop music , poet and the American model) are the second item in the most plastic surgery prototype in England .

Although Kate’s nose are gorgeous and deserving the model status, it is worthy of mention that each individual feature on the face, can not be picked and choose as a universal symbol of beauty. The facial beauty, is a result of best mixture of all the organs and which can totally vary between different people. the point here is, despite the fact that Kate’s nose can be helping the attractiveness on one person’s face, on other person with different facial characteristic, might be less of a help. Therefor, it is the best to consult a plastic surgery expert and have a variety choice, rather than following the herd mentality and just copying one person’s look.







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