Iranian Actresses in The All New 2015 Fajr Film Festival

Fajr Film Festival is the equivalent of Oscar in Iran and maybe in the whole region (because the other countries that share the same borders with Iran, are either in no condition of having a film festival or chose to not have a movie industry (because of religious reasons)).  The Film festival happens each year around the same time (end of January and beginning of February) which is the ten days period in which the political scene in Iran changed for the worse from a monarchy to theological democracy (more like theological monarchy). At the beginning just like the universities and other cultural vehicle that could endanger the future of religious clergies in the political scenery, the cinema and theater got totally banned and prohibited and the actors, directors, singers, song writers (the majority of them) fled the country and immigrated to the western countries (mostly to USA, California, Los Angeles (which latter on the part that they resided got the nickname of Tehran-geles).

After that with each year that has past from the unfortunate revolution, the people got more and more inclined to get back to a more civilized way of celebrating their celebrities and artists. The Oscar, golden globe and emmy awards had their utmost effect on shaping the new movie awards of Iranian cinema and theater or the “International Fajr Movie and Theater Festival”. The fact that the clergies who are responsible for the deterioration of the country’s cultural situation are either dead or too old to pay attention to the new changes. Also, those of them who are a little bite younger are too busy stealing Iranian wealth and plundering the country that don’t want to waste their precious economic planning for their family and filling up their Swiss bank account with the money that belongs to people of Iran, that they had let this one slip from their hand and the cultural infrastructure becomes more and more stronger in Iran and between Iranian people.

Here are couple of pictures related to the latest Fajr Film Festival. More specifically, it is related to the opening ceremony:


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