All the handsome men who look alike Justin Trudeau, the new Prime minister of Canada

You have probably heard of Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He is 43 years old, very fit, handsome, funny, clever ambitious and all around part of Canadian royalty. His dad Pier Trudeau was one of the longest serving Prime ministers of Canada and have made huge political changes for Canada including a constitutional act insisting on sovereignty of Canada and solidifying human rights of Canadians and as an example a good force for humanity.

Here are couple of famous handsome men in the movies and TV series who totally look like Justine Trudeau. Some of their names are: Liam Neeson, The Statue of David, Finn Wittrock from “American Horror Story”, Flynn Rider from Tangled, Disney prince, Diego Bometa from ‘90210’, Harry Styles

Not only he has the good looks; he also have some awesome moves too. He can kick A– on the dance floor in multiple cultures!!! Here is a video of him dancing Indian style:

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