The Tehranian girls have been gathered in respect to a red clothes woman

Thursday , Ferdowsi square , at 5 in the afternoon was the meeting place for girls and women who love to read and review an ancient romantic file and gathered together . So many girls who have seen in the performance ” Lady in red” were around the square in a result of a social spontaneous movement . Nearly 50 girls had grazed with red clothes all around the Ferdowsi square to keep alive the ”Yaghut” memories by the final implementation . Many people were not aware the incident which occurred last Thursday . They didn’t know that all these girls were in love and they wanted to remember the life of a woman who the symbol of love in Tehran .

” Yaghut” was the name of a woman who always would be dressed with red clothes and had a red rose in her hand to meet her lover , In Ferdowsi square every day . Many of singers and poets have sung and composed poetry , in order to respect the real and clean love of Yaghut . Mohamad Ali Sepanlu , the poet and Fereydoon Foroghi the singer have at least one work about this woman . A short movie with free understanding of life of Yaghut , had been made with playing of Anna Nemati ,  and directing of Mohammad Hamzei . In recent years , It has been rumored that Chris De Burgh has implemented a song in respect to memories of Yaghut .

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