The secret of women’s beauty in different countries

Let’s visit all around the world and survey and search about the tricks and tips for maintaining beauty in Some of the famous places in the world . Anti-aging of China : It’s clear that Asian women , specially Chinese women , have beautiful skin at any age who they are :We went to China to study about , what tricks have been used by Chinese women to keep always their skin young and clear . What we found was so simple , They drink the white tea , Which is containing a lot of free radicals  . Resolution against dark circles around the eye  by Spanish’s women : Learn this point from Spanish’s women , what do they do get rid of dark circles around the eye .

This is so simple They put very thin sheets of potatoes for 10 minutes on their eyes and around of it . Smooth and soft lips from Italy : When Italian lips of women are dry , flaky and burned , they use olive oil and rub their lips with it . Skin care from Japan : Japanese women have the beautiful and clear Skin . What is the secret of them ? They use the Camellia’s tree oil for everything , including getting rid of wrinkles after giving birth rejuvenation and providing nutrients to the hair and soothing burns . Did you know about the Camellia trees before ? Kefir  and its impact on Skin beauty of Russian women : Russian people have the fresh and young faces , Most of traditional women are not interested the use of cosmetics but also they drink Kefir daily . Kefir is a kind of drinking including high calorie and rich in probiotic bacteria , Calcium , protein and vitamins specially Vitamin E . Avocado for maintaining the skin’s beauty in Brazila : Brazilians have been using the Avocado plant as a food and providing the face mask , Shampoo , and moisturizer . Brazilian , mix this fruit’s juice with milk and sugar and rub this mixture on the skin and believe that drinking of this causes the skin would be so clear . We can introduce Some famous beauty queens and celebrities who use these ways


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