Niki Karimi above Haifa in a voting in the field of the most beautiful woman by yahoo

The important and valid sites attempt to implement referendum among the users in the different fields such as cinema , TV series , sports and selection the beauty queen and so on in the cyberspace . Some of these referendum have been hold in the field of international level . Recently , In the basis of a referendum In yahoo site which implemented in a title of the most beautiful woman in the world , surprised the Arabic media . The users in addition to voting could record the personal view too.

One of the Arabic Language members put the pictures of Niki Karimi as the most beautiful woman and recorded personal opinion about her and demanded the public users to vote her. 

And emphasized that Niki Karimi is one of the most beautiful woman in the world . Niki Karimi has achieved about 89000 votes more than Haifa Wehbe the  other candidates who introduced by Yahoo site , earned about 58000 votes and finally , Haifa announced as the winner . This action surprised all of the users .

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