The impact of living happily and laughing in health and earning Success

Happiness causes increasing longevity and also prevents a variety of illnesses and even Cancers . However we know that to be happy is related a lot of Conset of the individual situation , But humans are able to make their lives by practice . Joy is a gift from the lord that is given to all human beings . Being happy is not always easy . Being happy can be one of the largest struggles in the scene of Life . We should be focused on the happy thoughts , to be happy .But we often act on the contary . Remember that we are under the domination of our minds .

The essential to happiness , is searching beauties and goodnesses 4 strategies for living happiness : 1- Understand the world as it is . 2- Having the calm of mind . 3- Having the favorite job . 4- Laughing and making fun , and Joke . Laughing a lot even treats paralysis . Through laughing you Can create reverse situation , The endorphin which added to brain , when we are laughing make us feel such as natural flying . The efficiency of respiratory system is just like when we are exercising and running . When we are happy , we have the better feeling and better efficiency . Many Comedy books and movies are wonderful painkiller and reliefer . Here we realize the importance of the role of Comedians and people who make fun and Joy in our life . Artists such as Laurel and Hardy , Charlie Chaplin, Mehran Modiri , Reza Attaran and etc …

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