The strangest marriages in the world

When the girls are deciding to get marry they consider all of the wishes and ideals including the beauty of face and type of amount of wealth of the suitors , having proper position of job or being famous in music or Cinema . The suitors must have at least one or more of them . We hear about the strange and interesting marriages that make surprised everybody . We explain about two cases of them . 1- This little man with height of 80 Cm

get married with Genevieve Gallen . He is an actor of hollywood and has played in several roles for example the famous film of Harry Potter . His wife’s height is 188 cm and this problem is not caused doesn’t feel lucky and unhappiness . She activate as a Yoga coach . When she sits down , her height is taller than her husband , Who is called Verne Troyer . 2- The tallest couple in the world W.Wayne and Laurie Halkuist are the tallest married couple . They live in Stockton of California . The full-length equivalent to 407 cm . The height of Wayne is about 209 Cm and his wife’s height is about 198 Cm . They don’t have any children .

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