The appearance of new young stars in Cinema and Tv series

We all know the person or people , Who are smart and talented. From the world of music and sports to politics, economics and other fields, have always been men and women who have excelled more than others and have earned our respect and admiration by their talent and skills , In the last 15 years , A large number of actors and actresses have played in films and Tv Series , Some of them have created a new generation of stars of Cinema . If you want a good life and quality in today’s competitive world, you should show an intelligent behavior.

They have replaced instead the old stars Like Hadieh Tehrani , Nikki Karimi , Mohammad Reza Forootan and etc . We introduce some of these stars in following paragraph .Sahar Ghoreyshi : She has played in Cinema and TV series and theater , Sahar Ghoreyshi Likes to acheive peak of success , as soon as possible and She predicts a dreamy future for herself .The type of coverage and clothes is very important for her .  Mosatafa Zamani : His reputation and popularity of him returned to playing as Joseph in the Tv Series which called ” Joseph Prophet ” , ”Al ” is the first experience of him in Cinema . We can refer to the other stars Who are smart and talented and they are the new generation of art and playing in Cinema .

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