Features of a good presenter

Understanding of the people, sagacity , The power of visualization , having sense of humor , Understanding and processing social and cultural problems , Ability to teamwork and Having  sense of compassion and sympathy for  people,Good voice and  good face , all of them , are Certain factors to become a good  presenter . A good presenter must have appropriate And formal clothes , perfect face, General Information , and must be Fluent in the language and international communications .

Presenter must be able to live In   Front of the camera and this is the main reason for success in this field . When the presenters talk about the concerns of people Such as  social problems ,cultural and economic conditions of people , In this case, the presenter would be welcomed by audiences. The presenter must see and hear well ,Remember things in the mind , have enough information to talk about one word many hours . We Can introduce Celebrities who have the Features of a good presenter

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