CEO of BMW faints while thinking about Tesla Model X

During a presentation of BMW’s 2016 new cars and motor cycles in Frankfurt, the current CEO Harald Krueger took couple of steps backwards and then dropped to the ground.  Some say it was because he was standing on his feet for too long which makes the blood circulation to the brain a little bit harder (if your heart is not that strong, which means he needs to do some cardio training).

But we think the real reason behind his embarrassing ground breaking faint was the probably the pending news of Tesla model X. Sure the new BMW i8 is beautiful and futuristic, but you can not compare that to a Model S P95D which gets the CEO fainting 60 miles in 2.8 s. Add that to the falcon door and top of the line safety of all of Tesla models. There would be no bunt that the car industry needs to make new electrical cars or they will go down like a sack of potato just like the BMW’s CEO.

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