Wide Bracelets and sport watches instead of badge diamond , The style of dressing Elnaz Shakerdoost

A Young actress who arrived in the world of Cinema , by the film called ice flower , 11 years ago , Now in early 30 years old , is one of the popular superstars of Cinema . She has the experience of Scene and Cloth design for the films , and that’s why , Her taste to choose her clothes is all over the magnifying glass . But She has proved that She has chosen one style of putting on clothes and prefers to maintain this style for herself . Happy world : The first things that appears , is that Elnaz Choices a variety of colors in her clothes , not just the usual colors but specific colors , as she says , these colors show her wild spirit of happiness , energetic free of depression .

This actress’s Mantos with Colors of Yellow , Orange , Red , Oil blue , has been worked by the mix of two or three dark and light colors , and Elnaz has used these colors to complete the set including bag , shoe and scarf . Focus on one or two Specific paint Color makes women’s Long stay in the minds of others . To search her taste for putting on the sport style , we should go to Rally Series . She shows that she has the special taste in the world of sport clothing . She prefers to use snood or had with scarf and She tried to replace wide Bracelets and sport watches instead of badge diamond , and replaces the cotton sport mantos to catty sports . A secret in moderation : Elnaz’s facial elegance is the secret of beauty of her face . The beauty that is lost with too much make up .

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