The full similarity of decoration, between a TV program in network 1 and recent concert of Adele caused controversy

Selection of a decor, would be usually chosen by scene secretaries which either select it by creating a new design, suit to content of the program, or the decor would be made in base of experiences of others and adaption from interesting and beautiful decorations. Recently in a live TV program which broadcasted in network number 1 which named “tonight” and Ali Zia, the famous and popular presenter implemented it, happened an interesting and controversial event.It belongs to the decor which was designed and used for this program,

which included a number of lighted lampshades, which were located in several rows at regular intervals. The controversial point was the similarity of this decor with the one which was used in the recent concert of the famous and popular singer, Adele.These two decors were exitedly similar to each other.

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