The ways used for control and treatment of obesity

There are various ways for treatment of obesity, which have proposed since past and have serious effects, which have short term results. These ways have been abrogated add new methods replaced instead of them. In the following, we’ll introduce some ways of treating obesity.
1_ Sauna: The use of sauna, is one of the ways that have been applied for weight loss in past. Weight loss is due to dehydration, in this way. Obviously, it wouldn’t be a desirable method for weight loss, because the obtained weight loss, gradually, would be compensated by intaking water.
2_ Drug using: There are many drugs, available in market, in this field, which most of them have been produced just for commercial benefits. You may be achieved results by intaking many of them, but the results have temporary impact and associated with harmful side effects.
3_ Use of surgery:
A portion of stomach, would be punched by surgical operation, in this method, in order to make stomach smaller volume and less food would be recieved by a person. Surgery is considered as last alternative resort and is applied for healthy people under 50 years age, whose their weight is more than 140 kg.
4_ Liposculpture: Removing localized fat and eliminating local obesity, has been used. In this way, fats are crushed through pipelines which is sent to adipose tissue and pulled out or so called suction. This method is very common today and despite of great expense, it has welcomed, but most people maybe are unaware of great danger and risk of this method.
5_ Diet therapy: The most common way to lose weight is diet. There are so many ways, which most of them, have no scientific basis, in this way, which have prescribed by non- specialists persons.

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