Some recommendations for beauty without makeup

These days You can’t be stylish by overuse of cosmetics but you can improve it with simplicity . Use the minimum cosmetics and use lower amounts of them in the house . Less volume of  powders and creams on the face causes you will be more beautiful than before . We want to introduce Some recommendations for beauty without makeup : Instead of makeup  Pay attention to the health of your skin.Necessary and sufficient condition is having a healthy and soft skin.  Check your skin Healthcare and  Be careful annoying rashes .

Obtain A good facial soap and A suitable Skin Cleanser . Try to have regular haircut   and  regular nails . Simple and appropriate makeup of Your hair  is very effective to look beautiful .Florence colgate was known as the most beautiful woman in the world without using cosmetics . She also gained this fame Because of proportionality between parts of her face . We can introduce the other celebrities who without using a lot of cosmetics have a beautiful face .

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