How can we stay younger ?

Maybe This question raised to each of us ? How do we get young again ? But despite of searching , we do not have any answer for it . In the following paragraph we try to explain about it . 1- Throw away junk numbers . This includes age , weight and Height . 2- Associate only with good-tempered friends , immoral and growler friends will consume you . 3- Start learning now. Computer , Gardening , … and whatever you love . Never let your brain be idle . 4- Enjoy from any simple and little things . 5- Always remember GOD . Do’nt go to a place which is full of guilts . 6- Laugh often for a long time . 7- Turn around filling of everything you love , Family , Gifts , Hobbies , Plants , Music and whatever you yourself love .

8- Tell about your love to everybody and love in any position . 9- Appreciate your health if you have , and if not , Try to make it better . 10- It may happened to be sad for a short time , You can have a low sorrow and then more . You must live while you are alive . Observing the following points can help in skin rejuvenation : The sun burns and sun bathing may be show you 20 years older . We recommend you to use sun screan cream. Stress may be shows you 3 years older and living in big industrial cities , 5 years and doing hard regimes , shows you 10 years older . Enough sleeping maintain your skin younger . Eat enough fish helps your skin would be younger . Don’t smoke to have a younger skin . Do exercise and walk regularely . When we see the famous and popular artists we understand some of them who observe these points stay younger , We introduce some of them

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