A detailed and interesting interview with Mahtab Keramati

Beauty of face and welcome style of Mahtab Keramati, are the first reaction that comes to mind, when everybody sees her.We had a detailed and interesting interview with her.
Question: When was the first time that you looked at in the mirror and you felt that you’re beautiful.
Answer: I never had such a feeling. She continued, when i was a kid, i didn’t care to beauty, but i had a pleasure feeling to images, theater, story and literature. My sister and me were a team, After reading a favorite story book, we played characters in front of our family.
_When did you add cinema to your life? _
_The second year of university, when i saw ” Hamoon”.
She is graduated in Micro- biology.
The first film that she has seen, was “sutedelan”. She has passed learning acting in Amin Tarokh’s school.

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