The ordinary American folks songs are still like 1920s

It was a time back in the days that America wasn’t the richest country in the world and had a pretty bad struggle with the jobs and everyday living of its people. During does day the ordinary low income Americans used to sit on the porch and sing about their hobbies and lives. Almost 100 years after 1925 in 2015 still most of the countries lower class have the same hobbies. Here is one of the most authentic type of art that there is out there made by an innovative american ready to be snatched by professional black rock and roll artist and later on get stolen from them by the “big studios” and all the way through the whole process make lot’s of ,ore business oriented and less creative people more money than the original artist. He seems like a clever dude with his youtube channel, I hope he sets up a patron account and starts getting paid too. Enjoy this song about bear:

and here is another song about the bad economic situation:

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