Shahr-e Moshha or (the Mouse City) two has broken all the previous records

The new re make of Iranian famous puppet movie based on the a kids show, “shahr-e moshha” (the mouse city) has broken all of the previous records of an Iranian made movie screening in Canada. This has led to management of North York Cinema to expand the screeinging of the movie for two ore weeks.

Mouse city II is the second popular Iranian made movie that had a good box office in the north America and specially North York. Nader and Simin Separatin, by Farhadi, was previously screened on couple of North American Cinemas and also won an Oscar for the best foreign flick.



Despite the bad economic condition in Iran and the bad environment created after 78 revolution for artists and art in general, Marziyeh Bromand (the director and creator of the franchise), has managed to create loads and loads of good TV series and Also popular movies including: “Zizi golo, Khaleh Ghorbaghe, Khoneyeh Marad bozorhe and of course the mouse city”.

Unfortunately, because of lake of infrastructure for further monetization of movies, like toys, licensed paraphernalia and so on… the investors of the movie (which usually are the creators and their family and friends) can count on couple of tens of millions of dollars in revenue. On the other hand, if there where enough infrastructure for fully milking the profit, on just this movie, you would probably had something close to 200 million dollar on direct and indirect revenue.

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