The most beautiful Asian girls with very attractive colour eyes

A significant expansion of social networks globally has been emerged , these days . We can’t find few people even in remote continents or poorest continents that wouldn’t be a member of this social networks . The whole world has been turned on into a global village where it’s possible to exchange ideas and informations , share photos and videos , and so on by virtual networks . We can be aware of the update news , interesting and strange persons . New discoveries and inventions and etc .

Instagram is one of the most popular of social networks . Recently an Iraqi girl could achieve her followers to thousands numbers because of her beautiful colour of her eyes , In instagram . A girl who has born in Iraq but lives in Germany .Her eyes has a mixture of colours , If you carefully look into her eyes you can see cool colours of yellow , green , blue and brown colours in her eyes . We can introduce other beautiful girls of Asia who attract a lot of people .

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