The role of creativity and initiative in achieving particular artistic success in producing clips of singers

Creation and initiative and innovation, play a major role in creating different artworks.For example, among the authors and their literary texts, a work sometimes is so well received that after so many years, still retains it’s freshness and charm and this work is so popular among the people. This success can’t be achieved unless by applying creativity and initiative in the style of writing and review and make changes according to tastes of the public interests. This is true in all fields of arts. In the production of cinema movies and TV series and singers’ video clips, applying the fields of creativity and even public psychology is very important and plays major role.We can name few examples for famous singers in the world.1- Elvis presley the singer and dancer, created Rock and Roll and caused his reputation in all over the world.2- Michael Jackson, created Break Dance and 3- Pharrell Williams would be famous by producing Happy clip.

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