The strangest Apple’s stores in the world

According to Apple’s reputation of this Company , The Company’s stores around the world must be proportional with it’s validation , of course in a large extent , That’s true . Even when we face to examples of stores , We see buildings which have made by an incorporation of Art and Architecture to create an attraction . In the following Paragraph we explain briefly about some of these buildings . 1- The apple’s store located in fifth street , in Newyork City :This shop , from the exterior is similar to a giant Christal Cubic , which is located in Manhatan City .

2- This shop is located in Regent street in London , This building which is left out of Edward Dynasty Eva , has been launched in 2004 , Of course this building was closed in current year to make some changes in the building , Led to be emitted more natural light inside the store . 3- The building of Central grand terminal in Newyork City : This shop has been launched in 2011 . 4- The international financial Center in Shanghai in China . This store has been opened in 2015 and is known as the largest Apple store in Asia . One of the unique features in design of this building is that despite of a height of 50 meters , Columns of this building are invisible .

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