The 128 days interesting live of a young Couple

In recent days , the videos of the wedding of a young couple in Canada has published widely on social networks . Solomon Chau and Jennifer Carter decided to hold and celebrate their wedding on 21th August 2015 after six years of friendship . But Doctors diagnosed that Solomon was suffering from liver Cancer , in last December , and they told her that She doesn’t Survive more than a few months . It meant that She probably wouldn’t survive until ” The day of her wedding . That’s why their friends and launched an online  Campaign to help them fiance and tried to hold their wedding Ceremony as soon as possible .

They collected more than 50 thousand dollars and held the wedding ceremony of this 26 years Couple , On 22 april . But Unfortunately the young Solomon was died four months later ., on 17 August . Her funeral was done on 21 august , this date was the same day which was appointed in the first time for this young couple to marry . Now a short video of wedding of this couple has been published among the people as a beautiful and romantic embodiment of love . A couple who lived lovely only for 128 days

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