A mountain with the properties of Anti-AIDS and Cancer

This traditionary mountain is named as Paradise . Which is located on the outskirts of Jam City , From functions of Assaloyeh in Bushehr province , and in halfway of Kangan Port to Firuz Abad . Mountaintop of it is closest point of land to The Sun . The highest elevation near the equator . The super strong magnetic available in this mountain is famous in the world . If you stop a car in distance between 50 to 100 meters in the ultimate specified point of asphat and lay the parking brake of car , The car would be softly drawn to the mountain .Instead of downhill Of course this magnets causes much trouble for the unfamiliar drivers and causes their cars Crash spontaneously with mountain .

One of the extraordinary properties of this mountain is helping to treat AIDS . Because of closing of this mountain to sun rays , The possibility of growth of pathogenic viruses including HIV is Zero . The specialists of British institute of imperial Medical college of London recently wrote an article in Times News paper , asked to change the name of this mountain to Anti-HIV mountain .
Tim Hopkins doctor , The head of this institute and holder of a degree of immunology and virology has demanded to build settlements in this area for curing the AIDS illnesses . The other property of magnetic of this mountain , is destruction of Cancer cells and that’s why the experts recommend that Cancer patients to climb in this mountain .

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