The best foods for athletes

Which foods must athletes eat after doing exercises? Some foods are so useful which are the best choices to be eaten after doing exercise. We’re going to introduce them to you. Athletes, usually focus on foods before and during the practices. Eating after exercise is often open for all.
1- protein: As you practice, your body begin to unload the level of glucose in your blood and must be converted to glycogen. Replace muscle glycogen with a snack. Usually eat a handful of almonds and dried fruit or sports vega, improve the accelerator to replenish muscle glycogen.
2- Water fortified with electrolytes:
Always drink rich water electrolytes, immediately after exercise.
3- Cannabis seeds: Hem seeds are of super foods. They are, not only a great source of plant protein, but also they’re rich in available omega 3.
4- Dark leafy vegetables:
The best source of antioxidants are in fruits and vegetables, especially dark colored vegetables, such as cabbages
and Switzerland chard.
5- The powder vegetable protein.

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