The role of footbal in developing income of the clubs

As we know football is sport and at the same time is a lucrative business . The formation of sport clubs is on the basis of economic purposes . They earn income from selling tickets to fans , The money earned from filming and photography , Commercial advertising around the stadiums or selling the products of Clubs such as athletes clothing and transfering the famous football players . Football is the popular sport in Asian Countries too . In recent years some of the Asian football players have been transfered to Europe countries . Japan and South Korea is the first place in this case.

Asian Countries has transfered Some of football players to famous European teams , Such as Ali Daei , Mehdi Mahdavi Kia , Javad Nekoonam , Masood Shojaeei , Ali Parvin and so on
One of the most famous sites which is named ”GOAL ” defines the world richest football players in the world Cristiano Ronaldo is worth 12 million euros , About 44 billion and 400 million dollars won the first place in this list in 2015 . This football player who plays in Real Madrid , and won the golden ball in world cup . The second football player in this list was Lionel Messi who worth about 2 million euros . Third Football player in Neymar . Fourth Football player is Zlatan Ibrahimović And the fifth footballist is Wayne Rooney.

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