The new generation of singers

Our people have been interested in the world of art ,especially to singing and playing musical instruments from past distant till now . Despite of restrictions which has exposed on singing and music , we see the quantitative and qualitative progress , in this field . We see that the musical educational institution are increasing in all around the cities and the young people absorb to them .Although singing the ladies have been forbidden in some countries , but some of girls tend to playing instruments or sing in family , or some of them immigrate to Europe countries to continue the singing activities .

Some of the inner singers , who are limited by the government laws , tend to continue in underground groups . Most of poet and melodies of music which be singed by famous abroad singers would be created by this young group . We see the young people who sing in streets and people love them . One example of them is Shadmehr Aghili Who was so popular but because of the lack of freedom emigrate to another country .

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