The most important useful and harmful habits for your skin

Which activities would damage skin?
We have referred to the most useful and malicious habits for skin and hair in this subject and also we have discussed the activities which causes hair would be white and also causes premature aging skin and hair. You must do these below activities to prevent aging the body and skin:
1-Wet your skin permanently.
2- Eat nuts. 3- Sleep enough at nights.
4- Eat fruits. 5- Use sunscreen.
6- Eat enough foods. 7- Follow the exercize programs. 8- Drink tea afternoon 9- Eat beans and lentils
10- Eat olive oil.
If you do these things, so be sure that you get old soon. There are some of things that contribute to the reduction of life expectancy. Changing habits is perhaps a little hard but we must leave these harmful habuts.
1- Don’t eat sugar. 2- Don’t smoke.
3- Don’t use cream powder. 4- Don’t eat too much processed meat.

we can introduce some celebrities who use The most important useful habits for their skin

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