Interview with Behnoush Bakhtiary about skin beauty and health

Behnoush Bakhtiary is one of the actresses who has prepared a second job for herself . She has established a beauty Salon . Where all the beauty services are provided to customers . Tiara is a salon which its priority is the slogan of change . Its goal is to prevent ladies from continuing the wrong and false ways , and offers a right way for skin healthy and beauty to ladies . We went  to This Salon and the executive manager of this beauty center and

asked some common questions for women about  beauty and skin health . 1- What is your opinion about the observance of skin health ? before make up ? She answered : It’s better to use standard creams for skin care and try to treat the damaged skins. And this action must be done from the young age . 2- How long can be remain make up on the skin while it doesn’t  damage the skin ? All products have their own properties which are interested on the box of them . We must refer to them  . Do you recommend clearing of Skin ? How many times during one year ?Because we live in a city that is contaminated and dry . So clean skin would recommend every 15 days . 4- What is the best types of natural  mask for every kinds of Skins ? There are different kinds of Skins . The first step is to identify your skin type It’s better to avoid directly wearing the skin of a peach , orange or even cucumber , on the skin . The best way is to use creams containing fruit extracts .

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