Famous and popular artists who have restaurant

Most of the fans are always curious about their favorite ‘s activities outside of the world of cinema.They want to know about the second job of celebrities.In the following report, we have collected information about the second job of artists, especially we introduce the artists who have restaurant.
1- Bahram Radan: He has invested about 250 millions of tomans with a partner and has opened a modern restaurant in the north region of Tehran.

2-Sepand AmirSoleimani: He has a popular restaurant in the north region of Tehran.
3-Shahab Hoseini, the superstar of cinema has a Coffee Shop near to lavsan and his wife is the manager of this store and Reza Sadeghi, the famous Pop singer is one of the consistent customer of it.
Nader Soleimani, is the owner of a fast food store.
Mehran Ghafurian, whose activities has been decreased in cinema, but his activities in his restaurant has been increased.
Sam Derakhshani, is the host of famous artists and football وplayers and some of people in his restaurant and activate seriously in this course.
Javad Ezati: He has been added recently to the owners of restaurants too.

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